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Oct 10

Q: Are Escapade campers solar ready?

A: Yes. 2019 Escapade campers come equipped with a group 31 Deka deep cycle battery located in the battery box at the front of the trailer. This battery powers the interior LED dome lights, the galley/storage area LED dome light, the maxx air vent fan, the dual USB charging ports, and the universal socket plug.

We personally use a 100watt portable solar panel with built in charge controller that simply alligator clips to the battery terminals, we put the panel in the sun keep the camper in the shade and this set up keeps our battery fully charged!

We do not sell the panels, they can be purchased for around $200 online. 

Oct 10

Q: Can the roof rack support a rooftop tent?

A: Yes. The roof rack is designed to work with most roof top tents. The racks are designed to handle a total load of 500lbs.

Oct 10

Q: Can I order an Escapade camper without the AC unit? 

A: Yes. If you dont think you have a need for the AC we can leave it out and adjust the price accordingly. The side shelves would then span through the area where the AC would be. Price adjustments would be applied to the remaining balance.

Oct 10

Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: Yes. We do have nationwide delivery available. View delivery pricing chart.

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-Escapade trailers require a standard flat 4 prong electric trailer connector to power the LED brake lights, and running/marker lights.

-If you have selected to have trailer brakes installed, your tow vehicle will need to be equipped with an electric trailer brake controller and the round 7 prong connector plug.

-Lug nut and spare tire holder require a 3/4" socket and are torqued to 90 foot pounds.

-Escapade trailers require a 2" coupler ball. The top of the ball should be approximately 18" off the ground. *your local auto parts store should be able to help you get the correct hitch receiver.

-Use up to a 3/4" long screw for attaching items in the interior of your camper.

-Always measure the screw first. Do not screw into doors, we recommend command hooks for hanging curtains on the entry door windows.

-Escapade trailers come equipped with a 12v deep cycle battery. The battery can be recharged with a portable solar panel or a portable automatic 12v battery charger. 


-The exterior trim, and components are sealed with a RV grade sealant. It is always best to store your Escapade camper in or under a shelter, if it must be stored outdoors we recommend tarping it to maximize the life of your trailer.

-Avoid letting snow and ice build up on the trailer as it may damage the sealant.

-Hand wash with a gentle sponge or brush, and rinse with a garden hose.

-Never pressure wash the exterior of the camper.

-Escapade trailers come equipped with easy lube hubs. Use quality, high heat bearing grease.

-Greasing is recommended atleast once a year in the spring.

Escapade Leveling Jacks

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Escapade AC

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